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My device came with a coupon code for Waldorf Edition 2 LE, but the code cannot be redeemed in myWaldorf!

We changed our registration service a while ago. Products which have been delivered before come with a coupon code that doesn't work anymore. Please send us the code that doesn't work and we'll issue you a new one.

Where can I find the download section?

Please look at the right column of this page. You will find all the available tools and documentation right there.

How can I update the firmware of my device?

Please see the right column of this page which contains the download section with the most recent firmware.

We recommend loading the provided .mid files into your DAW and play them back to your device using standard MIDI playback at 60bpm. Note that this doesn't work with Ableton Live or Bitwig, please use a different DAW or your system's standard media player.

You can also use our tool Spectre which can be found in the column on the right as well.

How do I restore Streichfett's factory sounds?

Press and hold all four memory buttons while powering Streichfett.

Or download the file from the download section on the right. Transmit the contained .mid file to Streichfett using standard MIDI playback on your DAW (doesn't work with Ableton and Bitwig) or play it back to Streichfett using your standard system media player.

Is it possible to adjust the Balance knob so that the Solo section sounds on Stereo L and the Strings on Stereo R?

This isn't possible. The Balance knob only fades between Strings and Solo, but they are equally distributed on both of the stereo channels.

How can I adjust the MIDI channel on Streichfett?

Switch on Streichfett and wait for a few seconds. Press and hold all four Memory buttons until all 4 LEDs start to glow. While holding them down, play a note to Streichfett via MIDI on the channel that Streichfett should be adjusted to receive notes on. In case any MIDI channel from 1 to 14 is selected, the Solo section can be triggered independently of the Strings section on the next channel, with split settings being igno- red. So in order to e.g. play Strings on MIDI channel 1 and Solo on MIDI channel 2, proceed as follows:

• Press and hold all four Memory buttons and play any key on your master keyboard on MIDI channel 1 to set the MIDI channel. • Set Balance to the middle position so you can hear both Strings and Solo. • Press and hold the lowest key on your MIDI master keyboard and select "Low" with the Split switch. This sets the split key very low and prevents Solo to be heard, if you play Strings on MIDI channel 1.

Now you can play Strings on MIDI channel 1 and Solo on MIDI channel 2.

Do not push and hold the buttons during startup as this initializes all presets to the factory setting.

How can I adjust the Global Tuning?

Switch on Streichfett and wait for a few seconds. Press and hold all four Memory buttons. While holding them down, use the Depth knob to adjust the tuning. The frequency is even announced with a vocoder effect.

Do not push and hold the buttons during startup as this initializes all presets to the factory setting.

My device isn't recognized via USB.

Make sure that your device is connected to your computer directly and not through a hub.

Use the rear USB of your computer, not front USB connection.

Disconnect all other USB devices from your computer which aren't needed at the moment.

Change the USB cable or try from a different computer.

On Mac: Click on About this Mac in the Apple menu. Select System Report. Go to the Hardware dropdown menu on the left and unfold it. Select USB. Check if your device is listed there.

On Windows: Press the Win key+R. Enter devmgmt.msc and press OK. Check if your device is listed there. If it shows up as an "Unknown Device" and if there's a black and yellow warning sign, deinstall the driver. Then unplug the instrument, reboot your machine and plug it back in.

Can I use the phaser on the solo section?

No, that's not possible. The phaser only works on the string section of Streichfett and STVC.

Are the outputs from my device balanced or unbalanced?

This device has unbalanced outputs. We recommend using it with unbalanced cables.

Does my device send audio via its USB connection?

No. This device only sends and receives MIDI via USB. Transferring audio or files isn't possible.

The line output signal level on my device is very low or distorted or noisy.

Please contact your dealer. In case your device is out of warranty, please use the support form at the bottom page.

What are the cylindrical molds in the bottom of the case for?

There was a part planned that could be used to stick this device to another Streichfett, 2-pole or Rocket so it prevented them from drifting apart on a table. However, these parts have never been realised. If you have access to a 3D printer, we encourage you to make some yourself.

I need spare parts for my device, where can I get them?

You can obtain them from us directly. Please use the button below to contact us.

I think I have to send my device in, how do I proceed? What do I have to do when I send my unit to Waldorf from outside the European Union?

First, make sure you've tried all the procedures above that are related to your issue.

If nothing helps and your device is still covered by warranty, please contact the retailer where this device has been bought.

All our devices come with 2 years of warranty. Depending on local law, some retailers only cover 1 year of warranty service. If your device has been bought more than one but less than two years ago, and your dealer refuses to do a warranty service repair, please contact the distributor for your area. You will find a list of them here:

If your device is out of warranty, please use the button below. Please give a precise description of the error. If it's really necessary to send your unit in, we will issue an RMA form.

Wrap up your device savely. Ensure that it's padded at least 5cm/2inches in ALL directions all around. Use a sturdy cardboard box and parcel tape. Do not use gaffers tape as this often comes loose during transport.

Fill out the RMA form on your computer. Print it out, sign it and put it INSIDE the box. We reserve the right to refuse working on devices which come with no error description.

IMPORTANT: When sending in your device from outside the EU

All packages must have a proforma invoice stuck on the OUTSIDE of the box. This is important for the customs duty. The contents of the parcel must be named and described exactly on the invoice. Also with declaration of the date of purchase and condition of the unit.

We would recommend to describe your device as defective and mark the contents of the parcel at a total value of 25€ or less. Otherwise, there will be extra fees (tax) from customs duties which we must pass onto you. No tax will be charged for goods with a value less than 25 €. Keep in mind that in case the parcel gets lost, the insurance of the post service (if applicable) will only refund the value marked in the declaration.

If the above points are not considered, please be aware that we must charge you the extra costs which arise through customs duty for storage and the additional handling etc. This would be an amount between 60 - 100 Euro.

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