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I purchased my software, how do I proceed? Where is my download?

You should have received a coupon code from our online shop or your retailer. The code needs to be entered in myWaldorf.

Log in with your account, if you don't have one, create it. Go to and enter your coupon code. Enter your coupon code in full, with all characters.

Then the system should hand you a download link for a new installation and an activation key.

Download and install the software. Then open your DAW, call up the plugin and insert the activation info. In some cases, the key needs to be typed in by hand and copypasting doesn't work. If the activation doesn't work, try it from another DAW or use an account with admin rights.

If something doesn't work, please look through the advices on this page.

What sort of licensing is used with the software? Do I need an eLicenser?

Our software does not need an eLicenser anymore. It's not possible to reinstall a product using an eLicenser. Please see below on how to convert to a new license.

Currently we use a software based registration system which does not require a dongle. With one purchased license, you can install and use the software on up to 3 computers simultaneously.

I've tried to register a new myWaldorf account, but my login is blocked!

If you get an error message like CB Login module not created (required), please use the support form below. Our team will unlock your account shortly. Otherwise, please retry with a mail address from a different mail service provider.

I can’t install your software on my Mac! The file I’ve downloaded isn’t executable, my system tells me that the software isn’t from a verified author.

Right-click the package you’ve downloaded, go on Open with and choose the standard installation program. Now click on Open in the next pop-up and the installation will start.

I can't login to MyWaldorf anymore!

In Dec 2016 we did a system change to our database. Some accounts which have been created before cannot be accessed anymore. Please keep in mind that you need to login with your user name, not your email address! You can also try using the Forgot your password option.

If all of that fails, please just create a new account. You can get hold of your old software again by going to eLicenser conversion in MyWaldorf and entering the serial number(s) starting with 0240-XXXX.... After that, a download link and activation code for a new installation will be displayed under My Software in MyWaldorf.

What can I do in general if I encounter a problem with my software?

Please update your software. You may possibly have an elder version installed. In most cases, the error has been removed during one of the last updates.

Login to your myWaldorf account and go to My Software. Download and install the newest software and activate it with the code provided there.

If your software is still running on an eLicenser, please use the eLicenser license number, starting with 0240-... :

  • Login to your myWaldorf account, if you don't have one, create it.

  • Go to the eLicenser conversion and enter the number starting with 0240-... there. You will be given a download link and activation code for a new installation then.

I have purchased a Waldorf plugin before December 2016. Now I want to install the software again, but the eLicenser registration process does not work and the software cannot be installed.

In December 2016 we had a system change. Registering Waldorf software does not work with an eLicenser anymore as we now developed our own registration system.

You can convert your old eLicenser serial number yourself so it works with our new system. Please login to your MyWaldorf account, if you don't have one, create it. Go to eLicenser conversion and enter your old eLicenser serial number that starts with 0240-XXXX... Then, a download link and activation code will be displayed under My Software.

The validation / activation process of my plugin fails.

Please load the plugin in another DAW. Activate it there and then load it again from the DAW that you normally use.

Type in the activation info by hand, do not copypaste.

Where can I find the manual?

Your software manual as a .pdf file can be found in the install directory on your computer or as pdf in the right column.

I installed the PPG Wave 3.v but a lot of the presets are missing!

Some of the presets were removed from the PPG Wave 3.v because of incompatibilities with Native Instruments hardware. They are being reworked and will return in a future update of the software. If you can't wait, please install the presets available in the download column on the right.

Why does Ableton Live and Komplete Kontrol not recognize my plugin?

Please reinstall your plugin and make sure to install the vst2 version. Ableton Live and Komplete Kontrol do not work with vst3.

Also, when using Live, please refer to this site.

I want to sell my software license to someone else, is that possible and how do I do that?

A license transfer is possible.

Make sure that your license is on our current system. This is the case when your license shows up in myWaldorf at My Software.

Sell your license to another person. After the sale, send a message using the support form. Your message must contain:

  • which software you want to transfer,

  • the e-mail address that has been used to register the license on you and

  • the e-mail address and name from the person who now owns the license.

We will check if everything is OK and then transfer the license to the new owner.

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