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Where can I find the download section?

Please look at the right column of this page. You will find all the available tools and documentation right there.

I can't switch on Kyra!

Relax. Check if the power supply is connected and powered. Then press the two buttons near the power symbol, Octave Transpose <- and -> simultaneously for 2 seconds. Then, Kyra will power up within a few seconds.

The specs on Kyra look impressive, can I really use everything simultaneously?

Kyra is based on an FPGA, a programmable logic array. This means that you can use all features of Kyra at the same time and it will never run out of power. So - yes, you can use ALL the oscillators, modulations, filters etc simultaneously. Good luck... and watch that you're not getting knocked off your feet.

How can I use Kyra as an audio interface?

Please refer to page of the manual at the chapter "System Configuration". Kyra plays each of the Parts via USB to the computer in stereo. Also, Kyra plays back 2 channels from the computer.

My device isn't recognized via USB.

Make sure that your device is connected to your computer directly and not through a hub.

Use the rear USB of your computer, not front USB connection.

Disconnect all other USB devices from your computer which aren't needed at the moment.

Change the USB cable or try from a different computer.

On Mac: Click on About this Mac in the Apple menu. Select System Report. Go to the Hardware dropdown menu on the left and unfold it. Select USB. Check if your device is listed there.

On Windows: Press the Win key+R. Enter devmgmt.msc and press OK. Check if your device is listed there. If it shows up as an "Unknown Device" and if there's a black and yellow warning sign, deinstall the driver. Then unplug the instrument, reboot your machine and plug it back in.

Which power supply can I use?

Please use only the provided power supply. If this didn't come with your Kyra, please contact your dealer.

Do not power Kyra via the USB port!

What's the dimensions and measurements of Kyra?

Dimensions and Weight of Kyra:

  • Width: 440 mm

  • Depth: 305 mm

  • Height (including knobs): 85 mm

  • Total weight: 5.7 kg

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