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My device came with a coupon code for Waldorf Edition 2 LE, but the code cannot be redeemed in myWaldorf!

We changed our registration service a while ago. Products which have been delivered before come with a coupon code that doesn't work anymore. Please send us the code that doesn't work and we'll issue you a new one.

Where can I find the download section?

Please look at the right column of this page. You will find all the available tools and documentation right there.

How can I update the firmware of my device?

Please see the right column of this page which contains the download section with the most recent firmware.

We recommend loading the provided .mid files into your DAW and play them back to your device using standard MIDI playback at 60bpm. Note that this doesn't work with Ableton Live or Bitwig, please use a different DAW or your system's standard media player.

You can also use our tool Spectre which can be found in the column on the right as well.

How can I tell which firmware version is installed?

When you switch on Blofeld, a splash screen will be shown with the current version number.

I've tried to register a new myWaldorf account, but my login is blocked!

If you get an error message like CB Login module not created (required), please use the support form below. Our team will unlock your account shortly. Otherwise, please retry with a mail address from a different mail service provider.

The encoders of my Blofeld don't respond properly anymore!

Please perform a firmware update as described above. This fixes issues with the encoders, especially when it's the left from the group of four under the matrix.

If this doesn't help, please scroll to the end of the page and contact our support team.

I tried to update Blofeld or to load a sound set, but it didn't work!

You were given a .mid file that needs to be transmitted to Blofeld.

If the installation wasn't successful, this is mostly because the transmission went wrong.

Connect Blofeld directly to your computer, with no hubs or other hardware inbetween and with no other devices in the MIDI chain. If you're using USB MIDI, try using DIN MIDI instead or vice versa. Make sure that the latest OS is installed on Blofeld.

Set the Sysex ID in the Global menu of Blofeld to 0 or 1.

Load the .mid file into your DAW and let Blofeld play that. Make sure SYSEX and CC transmission are enabled. Do not use Ableton Live or Bitwig. In addition, set the playback speed down to around 60bpm.

The sound sets come with an installation manual each, please refer to them for further questions.

Where can I find the Settings menu?

Press Shift+Global.

Why shouldn't I get License SL for the Blofeld Keyboard?

The Blofeld Keyboard always comes with a License SL pre-installed. There's no need to buy another License SL. The License SL which is sold separately is just for upgrading a Blofeld Desktop.

How can I tell if there's License SL installed on Blofeld?

If a Blofeld Desktop Blofeld has got the License SL installed, the display will say SL LICENSED at the splash screen. Blofeld Keyboards always come with the License SL pre-installed from the factory and they do not show that message at the splash screen.

My Blofeld doesn't connect via USB!

First, check if Blofeld is set to the MIDI Channel you're sending data on. Press Shift+Global and turn the encoder a couple of clicks until you can see the Receive MIDI channel. Set this to the channel you're sending data on or omni

Make sure that your Blofeld is connected to your computer directly and not through a hub.

Use the rear USB, not front USB connection.

Disconnect all other USB devices from your computer which aren't needed at the moment.

Change the USB cable.

On Mac: Click on About this Mac in the Apple menu. Select System Report. Go to the Hardware dropdown menu on the left and unfold it. Select USB. Check if Blofeld is listed there.

On Windows: Press the Win key+R. Enter devmgmt.msc and press OK. Check if Blofeld is listed there. If Blofeld shows up as an "Unknown Device" and if there's a black and yellow warning sign, deinstall the driver. Then unplug Blofeld, reboot your machine and plug Blofeld back in.

If this doesn't work, switch your Blofeld on and off five times in a row. Don't do this too fast, leave at least 1-2sec between switch operations.

Blofeld displays "bad DSP response!" and no sound is output.

Download Spectre from the column on the right.

Connect the Blofeld with MIDI DIN to your computer.

Press UTILITY+GLOBAL twice and switch on your Blofeld at the same time.

Your Blofeld will start with "SEND DATA" message, Blofeld USB is inactive!

Open Spectre, make sure no other MIDI application is running at the moment. Choose your MIDI interface where Blofeld is attached with the AUDIO/MIDI button. Now press UPDATE and chose the rescue.mid file, then press Return.

After a few seconds, Blofeld will start with a reversed black display message "Blofeld Rescue V1.0"

Close Spectre.

Now connect the Blofeld with USB to your computer.

Open Spectre app, chose Blofeld as a MIDI Device, chose the OS 1.25 and press return.

You should see the Blofeld Update screen now in the Blofeld display, showing a picture of Nietzsche.

After around 4 minutes the update is finished and you should be able to play your Blofeld without any error (DSP message) after a restart.

My Blofeld acts strange. What can I do?

First, please perform a firmware update. Download the firmware from the column on the right side of this page. On top of this page, you will also find a guide on how to perform the update.

Please set your Blofeld to these settings:

Blofeld Factory Global Settings

  • Contrast > 39 / Popup Time > 1.5s
  • Auto Edit > ON
  • Master Tune > 440 / Transpose +0
  • MIDI Channel > omni / Device ID > 0 (00h)
  • Vel Curve > exponential / Clock > auto
  • Local Control > ON / Prg Send > ON
  • Ctrl Send > OFF / Ctrl Receive > OFF
  • Control W > 2 (02h) / Control X > 4 (04h)
  • Control Y > 11 (0Bh) / Control Z > 12 (0Ch)
  • Free Button > OFF / Pedal > REVERSED

Also, turn on Blofeld while spinning the encoder left to the display rapidly back and forth.

My Blofeld Keyboard makes no sound when I play it through its own keys!

Please press Shift+Global, turn the encoder left to the display clockwise a couple of times and check if Blofeld has been accidentally set to MIDI Local OFF. Change it to ON.

Maybe you have used the Free Button with the Mute function. When the Free Button has been set to Mute and the button has been pressed, there is no other way to get Blofeld running again than by setting the Free Button to mute again and pressing the Mute button another time.

Some notes got stuck during playing or sustain infinetly. How can I stop them?

Use the PANIC function, this stops all currently played notes on Blofeld. Press Shift+Play.

I now have SL License installed, what can I do with it? Why are there no samples on my Blofeld now?

The SL License upgrade just unlocks the Blofeld's ability to use samples as a sound source. It does not install any samples by itself. You can install the Standard Factory Sample Content or the HGF Waveset from our download section on the right column of this page.

The samples can be accessed in the Ocillator Shape menu. Scroll all the way behind the wavetables to get to the sample section. Then, you can use a sample as an oscillation source.

Please note that these sounds are already installed on the Blofeld Keyboard. On the same site, you will find some sound examples - presets which make use of the SL License sounds. We also offer sound sets which have been programmed for Blofelds with License SL. Check them out here:

My Blofeld is stuck in Multi Mode and I can't go back!

Switch Blofeld off and turn the encoder left to the display rapidly back and forth a couple of times while powering up the unit. Then you should be able to work normally again.

Also, press Shift+Multi,Shift+Multi,Shift+Multi quickly in a row.

Switch your Blofeld on and off 5 times in a row, this works as a reset function.

What sustain pedal can I use with Blofeld Keyboard?

Any sustain pedal with a 6,3mm jack that closes the contact when being pressed should work. Our recommendation is a Fatar/Studiologic VFP1/10. Only use a single pedal, dual pedals won't work.

Pedals compatible with Fatar, Roland, Moog, Kurzweil, M-Audio should be working as well.

The Korg/Yamaha models may not work though.

Are the outputs from my device balanced or unbalanced?

This device has unbalanced outputs. We recommend using it with unbalanced cables.

Can I use my Blofeld Keyboard with the power grid in my country?

The device comes with a wide range power supply which covers everything between 50-60 Hz and 110-240V. You just need a power cord with a "figure of 8" cable, also known as C7 connector and the other plug matching the power grid standard in your country. A voltage converter is not needed.

How much sample memory does Blofeld have and what's the sample format?

As soon as the License SL is installed, Blofeld has about 60MB of sample memory. There are some factory samples that you should load into your Blofeld. File format for own samples is .wav 44.1kHz 16bit mono. Loop points and root key need to be written into the meta header of the file with a compatible audio editor.

All of the encoders don't work properly anymore.

Please perform a firmware update, see above on how to perform it.

If this doesn't help and if your device is older, the encoders have to be replaced. Please scroll down and contact our support team.

Does my device send audio via its USB connection?

No. This device only sends and receives MIDI via USB. Transferring audio or files isn't possible.

Is there an editor for my instrument?

We haven't developed an editor for this instrument. You might find one from a third party developer. Please understand that we haven't tested these editors and therefore we cannot give any recommendation and we assume no liability for this software.

How can I reset Blofeld?

There isn't really a Reset function in Blofeld.

You may manually revert the settings available through Shift*Global to:

Blofeld Factory Global Settings

  • Contrast > 39 / Popup Time > 1.5s
  • Auto Edit > ON
  • Master Tune > 440 / Transpose +0
  • MIDI Channel > omni / Device ID > 0 (00h)
  • Vel Curve > exponential / Clock > auto
  • Local Control > ON / Prg Send > ON
  • Ctrl Send > OFF / Ctrl Receive > OFF
  • Control W > 2 (02h) / Control X > 4 (04h)
  • Control Y > 11 (0Bh) / Control Z > 12 (0Ch)
  • Free Button > OFF / Pedal > REVERSED

Also, download and install the Standard Factory Sound Set from the column on the right.

My display is dim and barely legible.

Please press Shift+Global. Turn the encoder left to the display a couple of clicks counterclockwise and change the Contrast value with the left encoder under the display.

If this doesn't help, please contact your dealer. See the lowest point of this page on how to continue.

Two errors happen in combination: the cutoff encoder only rarely works and DIN MIDI doesn't work at all!

This is obviously caused by downgrading to an old OS. Please update to the most recent version. See above on how to perform an update.

The output on my Blofeld is very low and there's no signal on the headphones output.

In this case, your Blofeld has to be sent in for repair.

Please see the lowest point of this page on how to continue.

I need spare parts for my device, where can I get them?

You can obtain them from us directly. Please use the button below to contact us.

I think I have to send my device in, how do I proceed? What do I have to do when I send my unit to Waldorf from outside the European Union?

First, make sure you've tried all the procedures above that are related to your issue.

If nothing helps and your device is still covered by warranty, please contact the retailer where this device has been bought.

All our devices come with 2 years of warranty. Depending on local law, some retailers only cover 1 year of warranty service. If your device has been bought more than one but less than two years ago, and your dealer refuses to do a warranty service repair, please contact the distributor for your area. You will find a list of them here:

If your device is out of warranty, please use the button below. Please give a precise description of the error. If it's really necessary to send your unit in, we will issue an RMA form.

Wrap up your device savely. Ensure that it's padded at least 5cm/2inches in ALL directions all around. Use a sturdy cardboard box and parcel tape. Do not use gaffers tape as this often comes loose during transport.

Fill out the RMA form on your computer. Print it out, sign it and put it INSIDE the box. We reserve the right to refuse working on devices which come with no error description.

IMPORTANT: When sending in your device from outside the EU

All packages must have a proforma invoice stuck on the OUTSIDE of the box. This is important for the customs duty. The contents of the parcel must be named and described exactly on the invoice. Also with declaration of the date of purchase and condition of the unit.

We would recommend to describe your device as defective and mark the contents of the parcel at a total value of 25€ or less. Otherwise, there will be extra fees (tax) from customs duties which we must pass onto you. No tax will be charged for goods with a value less than 25 €. Keep in mind that in case the parcel gets lost, the insurance of the post service (if applicable) will only refund the value marked in the declaration.

If the above points are not considered, please be aware that we must charge you the extra costs which arise through customs duty for storage and the additional handling etc. This would be an amount between 60 - 100 Euro.

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