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Legacy Hardware

NOTE: If you need the factory sounds, firmware, manuals etc., please check out the Archive section of our home page. Also check out Till Kopper's FAQ page for elder Waldorf devices.

If you have questions about our devices that are still being made, please go to Current Hardware products and select the corresponding page.

We still partly support some of our legacy hardware which has been out of production for a while. This means that we still have most of documentation, but only few of the spare parts available. We will answer your inquiries as good as possible. In some cases, we can still do repairs. Before we start your repair, you will receive a cost estimation which will be charged for. If we discover during the repair that there are parts needed which are not available anymore, we will cancel the repair. Then you will just be charged for the estimate and the shipping. Please be aware that repairs may take very long, especially when we need to procure rare parts.

Partial support is available for:

  • Microwave 1 Rack

  • Microwave 2 Rack

  • Microwave XT Desktop

  • Microwave XTk Keyboard

  • Pulse 1 Rack

  • Q Keyboard

  • Q+ Keyboard

  • Q Rack

  • RackAttack Rack

  • MicroQ Rack

  • MicroQ Keyboard

Sadly, there are some devices which we can't support anymore. This is due to no documentation and few or no spare parts available. For this devices, we cannot offer a repair service. In a few cases, we may try a repair, but we can't make any promises. The customer has to pay for the estimate, the shipping back and repair work in any case, even if unfinished. Also, sometimes we can't answer to inquiries and mails to these products at all. We apologize for the inconveniences.

Support is discontinued for:

  • AFB 16 Rack

  • Gekkos Desktop

  • EQ27 Desktop

  • 4-Pole Desktop

  • X-Pole Rack

  • Midibay Rack

  • Wave Keyboard

  • Nano Module

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